, In the south of Italy is the only region that can boast two names – Basilicata or Lucania , the former being the officially recognised one.  This is a land where history has left important traces from the beginning of time. The people of Basilicata, even today prefer to be called ‘Lucanians’ rather than ‘Basilischi’ or ‘Basilicatesi’. 

Basilicata is a land rich in culinary traditions. The pride of the region, Lucanian cuisine is traditionally a blending of simple and genuine products to bring out the best flavours using age old techniques. 

Basilicata is best known for Matera, a UNESCO heritage site and home of the ‘Sassi”, a prehistoric (troglodyte) settlement suspected of being some of the first in Italy.
The Sassi are houses built into the white tuft rock characteristic of both Basilicata and Apulia regions. Many of these “houses” are really caverns or cave dwellings and the streets of some parts of the sassi are located on rooftops of other houses. There is a similarity between Matera and the ancient sites in and around Jerusalem and for this reason, many films such as ‘Passion of the Christ’ and ‘King David’ have been filmed around the 'Sassi of Matera.'

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