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BritRail UK trains connect most towns in mainland Britain including London to York, Manchester, Liverpool and Edinburgh across 15, 795 km and 2500 stations. Save with advance purchase tickets and off peak travel. 

For Leisure or Business, whatever the destination, the UK Railways offer the wides range of lines and tracks.

Tickets/fares available:

  • Advance purchase tickets - save up to 15-60% off  
  • Anytime tickets - buy anytime to travel on any train on any day at any time and choose flexibility!
  • Off peak tickets - book anytime, travel off peak on a chosen date and avoid overcrowded trains.

Best travel times:

London <> York 1h50
London <>  Manchester 2h15
London <> Liverpool 2h30
London <> Edinburgh 4h15

Brenner EuroCity 

Connecting Southern Germany, Austria and northern Italy. Enjoy frequent and comfortable trains with panoramic views travelling over the Alps.
Offering 1st and 2nd class travel with larger reclining seats with ample legroom (1st class), at seat power sockets, trolley bar service with snacks and drinks and access to the restaurant car.

Best Travel Times
Munich <> Verona  5h30 mins
Innsbruck <> Milan 5h36 mins
Munich <> Venice 6h39 mins


Connecting St Petersburg, the former capital of the Russian Empire and Moscow, the modern day capital.  The 'Peregrine Falcon' in Russia is a state of the art train which takes you between the 2 Russian metropolises at speeds up to 200km/h in maximum comfort.
Offering Business and Economy class travel, at seat power sockets, WiFi Internet connection and larger reclining seats (Business class) and access to the bar-buffet car.

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