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Europe offers the best high speed rail network in the world with both intercity and international trains that travel at speeds up to 320km/h. Fast, safe and comfortable,high speed trains allow smooth travel between the major cities of France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Scandinavia.
Travelling Europe by Rail is the best way to go. 

Italy Rail

Book Trenitalia with CIT Rail

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The famed Trenitalia high speed ‘Frecciarossa' (Red Arrow) , 'Frecciargento’ (Silver Arrow) and Frecciabianca (White Arrow) trains are a great way to travel across Italy linking the countries major cities of Italy to its spectacular countryside. City centre to city centre, frequent connections, short travel times, excellent service, new cutting edge trains with large comfortable seats and tasty Italian food on board - Italy rail travel at its best!

Connecting Milan and Venice in the north to Rome and Sicily in the south of Italy at speeds of up to 300kph.
For Rail Travel tips & Benefits of travelling with Trenitalia, view our Travelling Italy flyer

Rome - Milan
in 2h55m from $48*
Florence - Venice in 2h05m from $32*
Rome - Naples in 1h09m from $32*
Milan – Turin
Rome – Venice


*Rail prices are Second Class Trenitalia Saver fares, non refundable or exchangeable and available 90 days advance purchase online for immediate payment. Subject to change and availability at time of booking. Service fees, amendment & cancellation fees may apply.

Book Italo Italy rail with CIT Rail

Italy has welcomed its first private high speed rail operator: Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori (NTV) offering services on the main domestic routes under the name of Italo and featuring modern trains, high standards of service and competition to the existing Trenitalia rail system in Italy.

Italo connects 12 main stations in 9 Italian Cities - Turin, Milan, Bologna, Florence, Rome, Salerno, Padua and Venice.

For more information on travel times and railway stations
- go to Italo Info  

NTV Italy Rail Tickets
1st class 2nd class

Milan to Turin 44 mins from $76 $51
Rome to Naples 1h 8 mins from $97 $72
Florence to Venice 2h 8 mins from $106 $76
Milan to Rome 2h 40m from $194 $144

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has been designed to offer ultimate comfort and high end on board services to all travellers with :
  • Large soft reclining seats 
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the entire train and individual electric sockets at seat 
  • Closed circuit TV cameras for added security to entry and luggage areas. 
Italo trains have 11 carriages offering Smart (economy class), Prima (economy with extras) and Club (with premium comfort, privacy & technology) cars/classes to suit every travellers needs. 

CIT has a range of Do it Yourself Italo Rail packages including 1st or 2nd class rail and 3 or 4 star hotel accommodation in various main cities across Italy.

  • Milan to Rome – 5 days/4 nights 
  • Rome to Naples/Amalfi Coast – 5 days/4 nights 
  • Rome to Venice – 5 days/4 nights   

For more information - go to NTV Italo Rail packages 

Book Eurostar with CIT Rail Online


Linking the UK and continental Europe: London<>Brussels, London <> Paris & London<> Disneyland Paris in just over 2 hours.  Departing from the spectacular St Pancras International Station in London, the high speed train journey through the Channel Tunnel takes a mere 2h15mins to reach the heart of Paris and 2h01min to the centre of cosmopolitan Brussels. Travellers can choose : Business Premier , Standard premier or Standard Class.

London <> Brussels 2h01 up to 10 daily returns
London <> Paris 2h15 up to 18 daily returns
London <> Disneyland Paris 2h40 5 weekly services

Book Thalys with CIT Rail

 Known as the Red Train, Thalys links Paris to major cities in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands in high speed comfort. Thalys offers the best travel times and, with renovated trains and WiFi internet connection, a world class service. Forget the plane and enjoy northern Europe's capital cities by Thalys.

Paris <> Brussels 
1h22 Up to 24 daily returns
Brussels <>Amsterdam 1h48 Up to 11 daily returns
Paris <> Cologne 3h14 Up to 5 daily returns
Paris <> Amsterdam 3h16 Up to 11 daily returns

Book France TGV with CIT Rail                Book TGV Lyria at CITRail Online

Domestic France TGV links Avignon, Reims, Strasbourg, Rennes, Nice, Bordeaux among 1400 destinations across France. Direct services and fast journey tines allow you to make the most of your stay.

Best Travel Times:
Paris <> Reims 0h45 mins
Paris <> Avignon 2h40 mins
Lille <> Lyon 2h55 mins
Paris <> Bordeaux 3h00 mins 

International TGV
 is the most convenient way to travel from France to neighbouring counties: Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland (refer TGV Lyria).

Best Travel Times:
Brussels <> Paris CDG (Airport)  1h14 mins
Montpellier <> Figueres 2h01 min
Paris <> Luxembourg 2h05 mins
Strasbourg <> Munich 3h34 mins
Brussels <> Lyon 3h37 mins
Paris <> Turin 5h30 mins

TGV Lyria trains connect France to Switzerland
in only a few hours. Upgrade to 1st class and enjoy Lyriapremiere service which includes a complimentary meal served in your seat. During winter there are additional services to the Swiss ski resorts. All year long, enjoy breathtaking scenery en-route. 

Other highspeed trains include:
  • ICE (DB) (Germany) 
  • AVE (Spain) 
  • X2000/X3000 (Sweden/Denmark), 
  • Allegro (Finland to Russia)