Le Marche...

Overlooking the Adriatic Sea in the centre of Italy, spread out over five provinces - Ancona, the regional seat, Pesaro and Urbino, Macerata, Fermo and Ascoli Piceno, the Marche, known as Italy’s “Gateway to the East”, is the country’s only region with a plural name. 

Featuring the mountains of the Apennine chain, gently sloping towards the sea along parallel valleys, the region is set apart by its rare beauty and noteworthy figures of music and art such as Giacomo Leopardi, Raphael and Gioachino Rossini to name a few, all were born here.

The Marche is a region of intriguing landscapes - coastal settings; expanses of hills with unmistakable profile and masterful mix of natural colours scattered with centuries-old villages, sanctuaries, castles and abbeys; the Apennine mountains, with their forests, valleys and peaks, all waiting to be discovered. 

The Marche is a land of aromas: the sea breeze, the smell of freshly caught fish, vast fields of lavender and juniper in Conero, bouquets of wines that tell the history of the hills and grapes in the vineyards, the intense aroma of the truffles of Acqualagna and the mountain zones, the delicate scents of the salamis and other cured meats of Carpegna, Fabriano and Visso, plus the traditional local cheeses.?
A treasure trove of traditional products and wines, the culinary offerings of the Marche include traditional peasant fare and seafood, often reinterpreted for modern tastes, but embracing genuine, natural values with an emphasis on quality and a respect for tradition.

For more information on this region, visit www.visit.marche.it 

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